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The Joy of Coffee

Wake up to the Taste of Goodness!

Our Instant Coffee Blends

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Why Elante?


Expert Sourcing

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Made with Best Quality Coffee Beans



Slow Roasting


Made in India


Masterful Preparation

We offer customized sizes and pouch packing to meet your specific needs.

Special Discounts on Bulk Orders!​​​

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From Bean to Brew

Elante Coffee is a Mumbai-based coffee manufacturer established in 2008. We take pride in our six unique coffee blends that are a result of our meticulous selection of coffee beans from around the world. Our coffee is roasted and packed in-house to ensure the freshness and richness of aroma and flavour. Our mission is to bring the best coffee experience to coffee lovers around the world.

What our Clients say

Henal Panchal

“The new ELANTE Gold is a smooth blend of arabica and Robusta. Black coffee lovers will love its smooth yet strong taste, while latte and cappuccino will enjoy its flavor. It's overall a great instant coffee. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Unnathi

"Very Good coffee! It has that South Indian coffee taste, which I personally like. Almost like filter coffee. I believe every coffee lover should try this."


One Of the best-flavored coffee I have ever tasted, Nicely balanced with the Hazelnuts. One of the things I like about it is its aroma. Overall Very Good. Worthy of five stars.

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